“My first thought when Bam started class at Helen Doron Early English is whether this will really work. Then, I discovered that Bam joined all the activities with her friends and teacher. Sometimes the children seemed uninterested but they all know what the teacher is teaching or would like them to do. Bam really likes her classes here. It is like another school of hers. Bam absorbs English naturally from listening to Helen Doron’s CDs at home everyday and learning through activities in class. As a result, Bam loves learning English and has the confidence to speak English as well. She likes to tell what she done the past week to her Helen Doron teacher in English. When she plays, she counts in English every so often. I appreciate Helen Doron teachers. They brilliantly apply psychology to teach children. Bam has learned more vocabulary and her accent has improved from Thai-English accent to become more like a native speaker. Bam’s father said that children who understand English do not always speak English like a native speaker and I believe that teachers can be Thai or native speakers as long as they have a good accent. If the teacher is Thai, the children will also learn appropriate Thai culture. “

Ms. Panadda Pruckscholtharn